Richard Edmonds denies the holocaust again

Classy South London National Front leader Richard Edmonds took over the airwaves this months to spread his message of hatred and stupidity to all 12 people who bother to listen to the White Network race hate online radio station.

This time he’s denying the holocaust happened. Again.

The candidate for Worcester Park in Sutton for the local elections on 22nd May has a history of holocaust denial and racist violence. But hilariously, his election campaign has hit troubled watered after a split in the National Front means that he’ll have to run as an independent.

Be wary Richard – Unite Against Fascism will be mounting a serious campaign to ensure that every single person in Worcester Park knows who you are and what you stand for.


Tony Martin defends Nazi mate as wheels come off NF election campaign

SW London National Front organiser Tony Martin took to the airwaves this week to defend his best mate, and infamous Nazi saluter, Chris Hurst.

The candidate for Croham ward in Croydon appeared on a White Power radio channel, The White Network, to do an utterly boring interview. He took the opportunity to defend Chris for his fascist salute at a Neo-Nazi concert in Hungary – and accuse antifascists of being “hammer and sickle-waving communists”, in typical paranoid conspiracy theorist-style.

Tony’s defence of people doing Hitler salutes comes as he has had to admit that he will not be able to stand as a National Front candidate, after a faction fight split the Nazi party in half and Tony’s enemies walked off with the legal rights to the name.

Instead he’ll have to run as an independent – after having already spent months and months going round the ward on his own trying to get a NF leaflet drawn with coloured pencils through every door.


Kingston anti-racists join massive London demonstration

About thirty Kingston Unite Against Fascism activists joined a 7000-strong demonstration against racist scapegoating this weekend.

The Stand Up To Racism event is the first step in a campaign to push back on the vile rhetoric about migrants being pumped out by politicians, UKIP and the right wing media.

The march through Whitehall brought together trade unions, local anti-racist groups, migrants and Roma organisations. The rally in Trafalgar Square heard speeches from Dianne Abbott MP and Carole Duggan, plus music from Ghetto and Jamie Joseph.

Simultaneous protests were held in cities around the world, with anti-racist marching in big numbers in Glasgow, Cardiff, Paris, New York and Barcelona. In Athens, 10,000 anti-fascists marched against the Nazi Golden Dawn party.


Love Music Hate Racism comes to Kingston

7pm Friday 21st February
Knights Park bar, Kingston Uni
Grange Road KT1 2QJ

On Friday 21st February, Love Music Hate Racism is celebrating the power of music to break down division and unite people.

We know we’re in need of that unity right now. The media and the government are pushing a racist agenda that targets Muslims, migrants, Roma and others. And their racism gives a platform to thick Nazi thugs like the English Defence League, the BNP and the National Front.

So join us for a night of great music and anti-racism. Tickets are £3 – all proceeds go to Unite Against Fascism.

With Dave Randall (of Faithless fame), Tribe and more to be announced.

The Croydon Nazi election candidate, the Hitler saluters and the anti-incinerator campaign

tony martin

Tony Martin, National Front candidate for Croham in Croydon

We can reveal that the National Front’s candidate for Croham ward in the May Croydon Council election is a hardened Nazi who takes pictures of local campaigners to intimidate them and surrounds himself with people exposed for throwing Hitler salutes.

Tony Martin, a self-employed 36 year old Thornton Heath resident, is due to stand for the seat this year, and wants to run for Croydon South in the 2015 Parliamentary elections. A friend of holocaust-denier and convicted racist attacker Richard Edmonds and “I hate jews, muzzies and niggers” twitter tirade author David Child, Tony is an old school Hitlerite who is willing to use intimidation against his political enemies.


Left – Tony (on the far right) with sick Nazis David Child and Richard Edmonds (on the left), and his mate John (with the bald head), delivering racist leaflets in Worcester Park. And right, Tony’s mate, John, throwing a Nazi salute with infamous Combat 18 fascist Eddie Stampton.

Tony also has a penchant for hanging about with people who like doing Nazi salutes. His best mate is Chris Hurst, former London BNP official, who had to be seen to be thrown out of the party in 2011, after he was filmed giving a Hitler salute at a Hungarian neo-Nazi festival. Also present was Tony’s other best pal, Hungarian fascist Zsolt Benczik, who acts as a connection between the British far-right and the paramilitary Jobbik party, which is responsible for the murder of ethnic minority people in Hungary.

tony's mates

From left to right: Tony Martin, Jobbik fascist Zsolt Bencsik, Nazi saluter John and Chris Hurst. And on the right, Chris Hurst giving a Nazi salute in Hungary.

When he’s not going door-to-door with his weird Nazi mates and a handful of leaflets drawn with crayons, Tony likes to take pictures of activists to submit to the RedWatch website. RedWatch is designed to be a place for Nazis to post pictures and addresses of anti-fascist campaigners in order to intimidate them into silence. But it turns out that Tony has also taken pictures of Croydon anti-incinerator protesters and gay rights campaigners in order to try to frighten them.


Tony loves taking pictures of “the Reds”, like these Sutton and Croydon campaigners against a new incinerator

Tony is a paranoid Nazi conspiracy theorist who thinks gay people are trying to undermine Western society and that everyone who doesn’t worship Adolf Hitler is a “red” that needs their photo taken. He plans to use racism to win votes in the upcoming elections – but unfortunately for him, he hasn’t banked on being exposed as a vile Nazi.

EVF Nazis threaten mosque

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon”

A gang of knuckle-draggers from the English Volunteer Force this week managed to work out how to use a camera for long enough to issue threats against a South Croydon mosque.

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon” videoed themselves out the Anjuman-e-Zaini Islamic Centre as they rattled a door and cobbled together the phrase “Next Friday we’re coming back and we really are going to have this place over”.

The EVF held a demonstration outside the immigration offices in Croydon last July, in a meager attempt to intimidate trade unionists who work there. The mob was joined by holocaust-denier, National Front leader and convicted violent racist Richard Edmonds, who’s running in the Worcester Park local election in May. The EVF also have links with other SW London NF Nazis, like Croydon Council candidate Tony Martin.

The EVF are planning a demonstration outside Parliament on 15th March.

Kingston Nazi: “Diversity is white genocide”


Dave Child on the far-right (sic) with BNP leaders Donna Treanor and Kevin Layzell. But he’s not in the BNP. Of course. Definitely, definitely not.

Despite being disowned by the BNP after this blog exposed his hatred of “jews, muzzies and niggers”, it turns out that Kingston Nazi David Child is more involved in the party than ever. In fact, they even let him have a go on their crayon set this weekend, when he and his racist playmate Kevin Layzell managed to insight racial hatred from a road bridge on the A127 London-Southend arterial road.

London BNP boss Steve Squires denied that Child was a member after we released tweets which detailed his hatred of gay people, Jews, muslims, black people… and pretty much anyone who isn’t in his rapidly degenerating Nazi sect. However, Child was pulled in by BNP Youth leader and Nazi nappy-wetter Kevin Layzell, plus party official Donna Treanor, to help hang a banner over a motorway bridge this weekend, reading “DIVERSITY IS WHITE GENOCIDE”.



Dave, second from the left, not being in the BNP. Not in the BNP at all. Definitely not. No sirreeeeeeeee.

Child has also been a regular feature at BNP meetings. Poor bastard. He’s had to listen to hours of Kevin Layzell, the 5-year old fascist, bang on about the international Jewish conspiracy to make everyone gay. Why the party continues to bother pretending not to have anything to do with the Hitler-worshipping David Child is anyone’s guess – he’s not even their most embarrassing member…

Richard Edmonds race hate exposed

Secret filming from 2010 exposes Richard Edmonds, National Front candidate in Worcester Park for the May 2014 elections, while he was a national organiser for the British National Party.

Infamous Holocaust-denier to run in Worcester Park election


The racist National Front, an openly fascist organisation, has announced that it will be running infamous Holocaust-denier, convicted thug and Nazi Richard Edmonds in the local government elections for Worcester Park in May 2014. Worcester Park, just on the border between Sutton and Kingston, has already seen what this means in practice – with the proposed site of a new mosque being daubed with swastikas.

Richard Edmonds wants to convince local people that he’s a legitimate politician. He’s not. He has convictions for racist attacks and he lead a violent assault of, mostly women, community campaigners in the early 1990s by forty skinhead bootboys. He has links to Nazi terrorist bombers. He’s always been a vile Nazi who uses elections to try to build a group of people around him who will be prepared to violently intimidate his political opponents.

Over the coming months, we will be exposing Richard Edmonds and his National Front mates as exactly what they are: disgusting Nazi scumbags with no place in South West London. We’re calling on every individual and every organisation that wants to get rid of this filthy organisation to get in touch with us, put their names to our statement and start getting organised to expose, isolate and destroy the National Front in our area.

Four things you need to know about Richard Edmonds

1. He’s a holocaust denier. Richard Edmonds used to publish the Nazi hate-sheet “Holocaust” News, which claimed that the holocaust was an “evil hoax”. When questioned, he referred to the newspaper as “a wonderful statement of the truth”.

2. He’s a convicted racist thug… Richard Edmonds was convicted for throwing a glass at a mixed race couple in 1993. The innocent pair was set upon by Edmonds’ Nazi mates, and the man was stabbed.

3. … and a friend to Nazi terrorist bombers. Richard Edmonds led a brutal attack on a meeting of antifascists in South London. Thirteen people needed hospital treatment after being beaten with chairs and sticks. The other leader of the assault was Tony Lecomber, a notorious Nazi who was jailed for three years for stockpiling explosives and grenades in his house to prepare for a “race war”.

4. He’s a supporter of Apartheid. Richard Edmonds has a conviction for smashing up a statue of Nelson Mandela. Edmonds refers to Mandela as a “communist terrorist”, and he was a supporter of Apartheid.

Kingston BNP: “I hate jews, muzzies and niggers”

David Child

New Malden’s David Child: apparently this man is in the master race

David Child, Kingston’s very own BNP weirdo and the proud winner of 23 votes in the 2012 Grove ward by-election, can now be exposed as a Hitler-worshipping, Holocaust-denying Nazi who hates Jews, Muslims, black people and gay people.

We can now reveal the vile race hate that Child spreads through his locked Twitter account, @DaveWPWW (that stands for “White Power World Wide”). And it’s no wonder he’s got the content under lock and key – calling gay people “perverted”, talking about hating “jews, muzzies and niggers” and ending every second tweet with “88” (code for “HH”, “Heil Hitler”) could end Dave up with a hefty prison sentence.



Dave, from New Malden, left the BNP in 2012 after only managing a measly handful of votes in a by-election when Kingston Unite Against Fascism launched a campaign that exposed his connection to BNP Nazi-saluter, Chris Hurst. He soon joined up with the Nazi National Front, but got tossed out of that outfit for causing general nuisance. For some reason he hasn’t changed his Twitter picture back over yet, but he rejoined the BNP and now reckons he got kicked out of the NF because the South London organiser is “pally with negroes”. Charming!

In any case, it looks like Dave’s days of running in elections are over. It’s not just that Kingston UAF has shown that there’s no way through for the fascists in the local area – Dave isn’t going to want to risk having his dirty little Nazi secret brought to light in the local press. His vile fascist hatred has no place in our multicultural borough.


Busted again!