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Stand with migrant workers against the raids in Kingston


A recent tweet from Surrey Police about an immigration raid gloats, “Officers 1 Immigrants 0”

UK Border Agency and Kingston Police have been exposed as carrying out vicious immigration raids in Kingston borough.

Last week, police stormed a South African shop, giving their victims no explanation of what was happening and used threatening behaviour towards the workers.

This is part of a pattern of attacks on migrants across London – from “fishing raids” like the ones in Kingston, to the racist “Go Home” van commissioned by the home office to drive around nearby boroughs like Ealing and Hounslow. These operations are a deliberate, concerted attempt to divide our communities, and to spread fear and hatred. They open the way for the Nazi BNP and the fascist EDL to legitimise their poisonous racist filth.

A group of local people have released the following statement to condemn the involvement of Kingston Police in in this campaign of intimidation and racism. If you would like to add your name, please email Include any local organiation of which you are part.

We stand with migrant workers – stop terrorising our communities

We are horrified by the vicious raid carried out by Kingston police and UK Border Agency on a South African shop in Kingston last week.

One of the men harassed by police officers reported: “They just came storming in unannounced. They basically just told us to put our things down and rounded us up like animals. They didn’t tell us who they were or what they were doing here. Very little information was given. We were told under no circumstances to even think about running, because we would be taken down, and taken down hard.”

These sort of disgusting raids are on the increase across London. They are an attempt to divide our communities, and to spread distrust and hatred of migrant workers. They only serve to terrorise migrants in order to satisfy a racist media and government agenda that thirsts for the suffering of “foreigners”.

This raid comes in the wake of the UKBA’s racist “Go Home” van being driven around nearby areas like Hounslow and Ealing. They show the shocking, malicious racism at the core of current government policy, as does the vile tweet from Guildford Police after an immigration raid this week that reads: “Police 1 Immigrants 0”.

We call for a cessation of the racist police tactics of Kingston Police and UK Border Agency, and pledge to fight any further intrusions into our communities, workplaces and places of educations.

Rosemary Addington, Neeta Barot, Sarah Brownlie, Clara Campos, Lisbeth Campos, Jeri-Ullah Chaudhry, Ryan Coley, Richard Donnelly, Nilufer Erdem, Alistair Farrow, Clare Keogh, Francesca Manning, George Matthews, Ewan Nicolson, Neil Rogall, Joe Stanley-Smith and Dave Tinham.