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EXPOSED: The Hitler-saluters who plan to march in West London

Oppose the Nazi SEA in Cricklewood on Saturday 19th July
Meet 12 noon at 113 Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood NW2 3JG

Kingston Unite Against Fascism can reveal some of the faces behind a planned Neo-Nazi march in West London on July 19th.


The Nazi SEA marched through Cricklewood in mid-June with this swastika banner

When the so-called South East Alliance last tried to march in Cricklewood on Saturday 14th June, they were met by united community opposition, which blocked Cricklewood Broadway and stopped the fascists marching. Their planned return is an attempt to avenge this defeat.

SEA is led by Paul Prodromou, a former right-hand man of EDL Fuhrer Tommy Robinson. He likes to hide the contradiction that he is both Greek and hates migrants by dropping his real surname and calling himself “Paul Pitt”.

colin mackey and eddie stampton

SEA hangers-on Colin Mackey (left) and Eddie Stampton (right) posing with a Golden Dawn banner

Prodromou is linked to a network of Nazi oddballs and gangsters. For example, one of his close friends is Eddie Stampton, a cocaine dealer and career criminal who’s been in every tiny fascist organisation going, from Combat 18 to the British People’s Party. He currently reckons himself to be the representative of the Greek Nazi organisation Golden Dawn in the UK.

Another piece of social detritus that Prodromou is hoping to mobilise to march down Cricklewood Broadway is Colin Mackey, who joined SEA’s last outing in the area. Colin’s a hardcore Nazi, with a penchant for posing in front of enormous swastikas doing Hitler salutes.


Colin Mackey during the SEA’s last “demonstration” in Cricklewood doing a Hitler salute (left), and Colin looking lovely in front of an enormous swastika (right).

We need a big and broad demonstration to block the path of these Hitler-lovers when they try to march on our streets.

Kingston Unite Against Fascism is calling for a big mobilisation from South West London to join the counter-demonstration to the fascist SEA and support the community in Cricklewood against the Nazis. We’ll see you on the streets on July 19th!


Kingston Stand Up To UKIP statement

The 2014 European Elections mark a watershed in British politics. UKIP is a right wing, racist, populist party which won over 27 percent of the vote; a  staggering 4,352,051 people voted for them and they beat the three mainstream parties.

Ukip presents itself as an anti-establishment party and its leader, Nigel Farage, claims to be “a man of the people”. This is a lie. Ukip wants to introduce a flat rate of income tax of 31 per cent that means those on the starting and basic rate, will face huge tax increases. Ukip’s deputy leader called for the privatisation of the NHS.

It has built up its electoral base by both presenting itself as a party opposed to the European Union, but more importantly by spreading poisonous lies and hatred towards migrants and Muslims.

We believe UKIP is a racist party. This may be something Farage and the party’s leadership is quick to deny. But in the run up to the European elections Ukip’s mask slipped. Ukip presents the anti-racist movement with a major problem—dragging British politics to the right.

Ukip is also a party of bigots, sexists, Islamophobes and homophobes.

The rise of Ukip has parallels with other far right and fascist parties,  which are growing across Europe. In France the fascist Front National gained the biggest overall vote in the French European Elections. The PVV in the Netherlands, another racist populist party, came third and in Hungary the fascist Jobbik party came second.

Ukip received disproportionate media coverage prior to the elections and any party that received this level of coverage would have benefited at the polls.  Although UKIP received a high vote, 65 percent of the population did not vote. The mainstream political parties must do more to engage these people and not chase the Ukip vote to avoid the danger of racism being normalised in British society.

Now is the time to make a stand against Ukip.

The lesson of history is that we need unity against the far right and racism. Stand up to Ukip is an umbrella organisation which believes women,  trade unions, anti-racists, black, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, other faith communities, LBGT, young people, students and all good people, must unite and stand up to Ukip, racism and bigotry.