Use your vote against the Nazi BNP in St James ward


David Child (left) with holocaust-denier and convicted racist attacker Richard Edmonds (right) leafleting for the Nazi National Front

The Nazi British National Party has decided to run a candidate in the St James ward in the Thursday 22nd May election for the local council.

David Child was recently disowned by the BNP after he was accused of saying that the holocaust was a hoax invented by Jews and that he hated “Jews, muzzies and n*****s”. Now the fascist has been allowed to stand as their representative in Kingston!

Until a year ago, David Child was a member of the Hitler-worshipping National Front, canvassing for notorious Nazi Richard Edmonds, a  National Front candidate in Sutton and convicted racist attacker. Edmonds referred to the holocaust as a “propaganda lie” in a recent interview on a neo-Nazi radio station.

David Child is an old-school Nazi, and the BNP is a party of violent fascists who love Adolf Hitler.

Use your vote against the Nazis on 22nd May.


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