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Surbiton UKIP billboard torn down

Surbiton UKIP billboard torn down


Farage billboard in Kingston attacked

Farage billboard in Kingston attacked

“F**k off back to Eton – migrants welcome”

Use your vote against the Nazi BNP in St James ward


David Child (left) with holocaust-denier and convicted racist attacker Richard Edmonds (right) leafleting for the Nazi National Front

The Nazi British National Party has decided to run a candidate in the St James ward in the Thursday 22nd May election for the local council.

David Child was recently disowned by the BNP after he was accused of saying that the holocaust was a hoax invented by Jews and that he hated “Jews, muzzies and n*****s”. Now the fascist has been allowed to stand as their representative in Kingston!

Until a year ago, David Child was a member of the Hitler-worshipping National Front, canvassing for notorious Nazi Richard Edmonds, a  National Front candidate in Sutton and convicted racist attacker. Edmonds referred to the holocaust as a “propaganda lie” in a recent interview on a neo-Nazi radio station.

David Child is an old-school Nazi, and the BNP is a party of violent fascists who love Adolf Hitler.

Use your vote against the Nazis on 22nd May.

UKIP billboard in Raynes Park gets hit

UKIP billboard in Raynes Park gets hit

Don’t give in to hate.

BNP-sympathising candidate exposed as Kingston stands up to UKIP

BNP-sympathising candidate exposed as Kingston stands up to UKIP

Anthony Perham is a typical Colonel Blimp-type with a hatred for migrants and sympathy for the Nazis

A Kingston UKIP candidate has been exposed as a sympathiser with the Nazi BNP, as the local campaign against the party steps up.

Anthony Perham, the candidate for Alexandra ward, has a deep hatred of migrants and his Facebook profile screams, “GET RID OF THE IMMIGRANTS AND STOP ANYMORE COMING IN!!” He also calls for for a proportional representation system because “it might give parties like the BNP a fighting chance”. He repeatedly calls for anyone born outside the UK to be “ousted”.

Unite Against Fascism is working with trade unions, migrant groups and others to expose UKIP as a party of the establishment that is trying to force racism deeper into our communities.

In Kingston, we’ve already started the process of standing up to UKIP and laying down a marker against their racist narrative, which attempts to blame migrants for the problems caused by the economic crisis. Trade unionists, migrants, socialists and Greens confronted UKIP’s message of hatred in Kingston town centre yesterday after Mr Perham and his friends sent up their stall – signing up 130 people up to the Stand Up To UKIP campaign, giving out loads of leaflets and talking to hundreds of people angry at UKIP’s attempts to divide ordinary people against each other.


Trade unionists, migrants, unemployed people, Greens, socialists and others are uniting to protest across the country against UKIP’s agenda of racism and scapegoating

Now it’s time to escalate the campaign to expose UKIP.

Protest at Farage’s big London meeting this Wednesday 7th May

Nigel Farage is due to appear at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminister to launch the next phase of his anti-migrant election campaign in front of the national media. Activists are organising a pro-migrant demonstration outside to show that there is opposition to his racist message. Meet 6pm and bring placards and banners!

Stand up to UKIP in Kingston on Saturday 10th May

Meet at 1pm outside the Bentall’s Centre for leafleting, petitioning and other activities to expose UKIP as a racist party of the rich and powerful.