Victory for UAF as radio station pulls plug on Nazi NF


From left to right. David Child, Kingston Nazi. Richard Edmonds, holocaust denier with a criminal record for racist assault. An unknown NF scumbag. John James, lifelong fascist. And Tony Martin.

A Croydon radio station has pulled its invitation for a Nazi National Front candidate, Tony Martin, to appear on its election special after a campaign from antifascists.

Croydon Radio backed down after an email campaign from Unite Against Fascism supporters, and a number of parties withdrew in disgust from the program. UAF also threatened to picket the studios to stop the Nazi from being allowed to spread his filth.

Tony Martin recently appeared on the White Network internet radio station, and was intervewed by a National Front activist who refers to the holocaust as the “holohoax”. His running mate in the local council election is Richard Edmonds, a man who not only claims that the holocaust never happened, but also has connections with a violent and paedophilic Hitlerite cult called the British People’s Party.

Unite Against Fascism believes that there should be no platforms for fascists. They don’t seek out public platforms in order to engage in and win debates – they do so to promote racist attacks and build their violent street fighting organisations. We don’t believe in granting airtime to people who deny the holocaust because they want to send black, LGBT and disabled people to concentration camps.

This week, antifascists have proved that there are no platforms for fascists in South West London – and that there’s no way through for the BNP and the National Front.


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