Monthly Archives: March 2014

Richard Edmonds denies the holocaust again

Classy South London National Front leader Richard Edmonds took over the airwaves this months to spread his message of hatred and stupidity to all 12 people who bother to listen to the White Network race hate online radio station.

This time he’s denying the holocaust happened. Again.

The candidate for Worcester Park in Sutton for the local elections on 22nd May has a history of holocaust denial and racist violence. But hilariously, his election campaign has hit troubled watered after a split in the National Front means that he’ll have to run as an independent.

Be wary Richard – Unite Against Fascism will be mounting a serious campaign to ensure that every single person in Worcester Park knows who you are and what you stand for.


Tony Martin defends Nazi mate as wheels come off NF election campaign

SW London National Front organiser Tony Martin took to the airwaves this week to defend his best mate, and infamous Nazi saluter, Chris Hurst.

The candidate for Croham ward in Croydon appeared on a White Power radio channel, The White Network, to do an utterly boring interview. He took the opportunity to defend Chris for his fascist salute at a Neo-Nazi concert in Hungary – and accuse antifascists of being “hammer and sickle-waving communists”, in typical paranoid conspiracy theorist-style.

Tony’s defence of people doing Hitler salutes comes as he has had to admit that he will not be able to stand as a National Front candidate, after a faction fight split the Nazi party in half and Tony’s enemies walked off with the legal rights to the name.

Instead he’ll have to run as an independent – after having already spent months and months going round the ward on his own trying to get a NF leaflet drawn with coloured pencils through every door.


Kingston anti-racists join massive London demonstration

About thirty Kingston Unite Against Fascism activists joined a 7000-strong demonstration against racist scapegoating this weekend.

The Stand Up To Racism event is the first step in a campaign to push back on the vile rhetoric about migrants being pumped out by politicians, UKIP and the right wing media.

The march through Whitehall brought together trade unions, local anti-racist groups, migrants and Roma organisations. The rally in Trafalgar Square heard speeches from Dianne Abbott MP and Carole Duggan, plus music from Ghetto and Jamie Joseph.

Simultaneous protests were held in cities around the world, with anti-racist marching in big numbers in Glasgow, Cardiff, Paris, New York and Barcelona. In Athens, 10,000 anti-fascists marched against the Nazi Golden Dawn party.