EVF Nazis threaten mosque

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon”

A gang of knuckle-draggers from the English Volunteer Force this week managed to work out how to use a camera for long enough to issue threats against a South Croydon mosque.

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon” videoed themselves out the Anjuman-e-Zaini Islamic Centre as they rattled a door and cobbled together the phrase “Next Friday we’re coming back and we really are going to have this place over”.

The EVF held a demonstration outside the immigration offices in Croydon last July, in a meager attempt to intimidate trade unionists who work there. The mob was joined by holocaust-denier, National Front leader and convicted violent racist Richard Edmonds, who’s running in the Worcester Park local election in May. The EVF also have links with other SW London NF Nazis, like Croydon Council candidate Tony Martin.

The EVF are planning a demonstration outside Parliament on 15th March.


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