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EVF Nazis threaten mosque

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon”

A gang of knuckle-draggers from the English Volunteer Force this week managed to work out how to use a camera for long enough to issue threats against a South Croydon mosque.

Alfie Smith, Dave Harding and “Marcus Croydon” videoed themselves out the Anjuman-e-Zaini Islamic Centre as they rattled a door and cobbled together the phrase “Next Friday we’re coming back and we really are going to have this place over”.

The EVF held a demonstration outside the immigration offices in Croydon last July, in a meager attempt to intimidate trade unionists who work there. The mob was joined by holocaust-denier, National Front leader and convicted violent racist Richard Edmonds, who’s running in the Worcester Park local election in May. The EVF also have links with other SW London NF Nazis, like Croydon Council candidate Tony Martin.

The EVF are planning a demonstration outside Parliament on 15th March.


Kingston Nazi: “Diversity is white genocide”


Dave Child on the far-right (sic) with BNP leaders Donna Treanor and Kevin Layzell. But he’s not in the BNP. Of course. Definitely, definitely not.

Despite being disowned by the BNP after this blog exposed his hatred of “jews, muzzies and niggers”, it turns out that Kingston Nazi David Child is more involved in the party than ever. In fact, they even let him have a go on their crayon set this weekend, when he and his racist playmate Kevin Layzell managed to insight racial hatred from a road bridge on the A127 London-Southend arterial road.

London BNP boss Steve Squires denied that Child was a member after we released tweets which detailed his hatred of gay people, Jews, muslims, black people… and pretty much anyone who isn’t in his rapidly degenerating Nazi sect. However, Child was pulled in by BNP Youth leader and Nazi nappy-wetter Kevin Layzell, plus party official Donna Treanor, to help hang a banner over a motorway bridge this weekend, reading “DIVERSITY IS WHITE GENOCIDE”.



Dave, second from the left, not being in the BNP. Not in the BNP at all. Definitely not. No sirreeeeeeeee.

Child has also been a regular feature at BNP meetings. Poor bastard. He’s had to listen to hours of Kevin Layzell, the 5-year old fascist, bang on about the international Jewish conspiracy to make everyone gay. Why the party continues to bother pretending not to have anything to do with the Hitler-worshipping David Child is anyone’s guess – he’s not even their most embarrassing member…