Kingston BNP: “I hate jews, muzzies and niggers”

David Child

New Malden’s David Child: apparently this man is in the master race

David Child, Kingston’s very own BNP weirdo and the proud winner of 23 votes in the 2012 Grove ward by-election, can now be exposed as a Hitler-worshipping, Holocaust-denying Nazi who hates Jews, Muslims, black people and gay people.

We can now reveal the vile race hate that Child spreads through his locked Twitter account, @DaveWPWW (that stands for “White Power World Wide”). And it’s no wonder he’s got the content under lock and key – calling gay people “perverted”, talking about hating “jews, muzzies and niggers” and ending every second tweet with “88” (code for “HH”, “Heil Hitler”) could end Dave up with a hefty prison sentence.



Dave, from New Malden, left the BNP in 2012 after only managing a measly handful of votes in a by-election when Kingston Unite Against Fascism launched a campaign that exposed his connection to BNP Nazi-saluter, Chris Hurst. He soon joined up with the Nazi National Front, but got tossed out of that outfit for causing general nuisance. For some reason he hasn’t changed his Twitter picture back over yet, but he rejoined the BNP and now reckons he got kicked out of the NF because the South London organiser is “pally with negroes”. Charming!

In any case, it looks like Dave’s days of running in elections are over. It’s not just that Kingston UAF has shown that there’s no way through for the fascists in the local area – Dave isn’t going to want to risk having his dirty little Nazi secret brought to light in the local press. His vile fascist hatred has no place in our multicultural borough.


Busted again!


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