Unite against the fascists in Croydon on July 27th


We’re calling on all antifascists to rally on Saturday 27th July to stop the Nazis from marching in Croydon.

The racist English Volunteer Force (EVF), an anti-Muslim splinter group from the English Defence League, is holding an anti-immigration ‘protest’ outside Lunar House in Croydon on Saturday 27th July. Not content with stirring up hatred and violence against Muslims, groups like the EVF are now targeting ALL immigrants – Lunar House is the UK immigration and borders centre.

The EVF contains fascists from the BNP and National Front. It’s involved in intimidation of trade unionists and anti-fascists. They want to come to South London to whip up hatred and division. We call on all those who oppose racists and neo-Nazis to stand in solidarity with immigrants and asylum-seekers, as well as those who work there.

Three years ago, when the Nazi BNP tried a similar action at Lunar House, they were humiliated by the anti- fascist turnout. We need the same again. Fascists must not be allowed to divide our communities.


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