Meet the dangerous Nazi fantasists behind the EVF


EVF oddball poses with sock over his head

So the fascist English Volunteer Force is coming to South London to try to harass migrants, attack trade unionists, divide the community and generally be a bunch of drunk, racist morons. The EVF is a split from the English Defence League, and bar a bitter hatred for the EDL’s “Irish” leader, Stephen Lennon, they share basically the same Islamophobic, racist politics – as well as the same tactics of holding street demonstrations and trying to intimidate antifascists.

But what about the people inside the EVF? Let’s meet some of the movers and shakers inside this small Nazi outfit…

Chris Renton aka John Sheridan


EVF founder, former BNP “Gold Member”

EVF founder, Chris Renton, is a Nazi from Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset. He made a name for himself as the administrator for the EDL’s website, in the early days of the organisation. Embarrassingly, he was also a “Gold Member” of the BNP at the time, just as EDL leader (also a former BNP member) was attempting to deny any links between the two groups.

Renton’s vision for the EVF was a disciplined organisation with a cell-structures, in which local “units” would take orders from an “Inner Council” of seasoned fascist street commanders. Unfortunately, this militaristic command structure seemed to break down as soon as the lads from the EVF got onto their first “demonstration” in Birmingham, and spent the day getting hammered in the pub and shouting racist filth at non-white people. This may be the reason why Renton’s now defected back to the EDL.

EVF falls at the first hurdle on their demo in Birmigham

EVF falls at the first hurdle on their demo in Birmingham

Paul Pitt and Eddie Stamton


Paul (left) and an early picture of his bezzy mate, Eddie Stamton (in the dashing Union Jack teeshirt) back when he was a member of the British National Socialist Movement

Paul Pitt is a seasoned Nazi who cut his teeth as the full-time organiser for the EDL in Essex. Now he heads up the South East Alliance, a fascist sectlet which has promised to turn up to support the EVF in Croydon. His MO is turning up outside antifascist meetings with a gang of Nazi heavies and trying to intimidate people into not attending.

Paul’s best friend is Eddie Stamton, who calls himself Mark pringle these days and runs a small group of fascist nutbars calling themselves England’s Golden Dawn, after the violent Nazi street organisation in Greece. He’s been in every obscure Nazi group going, from the British National Socialist Movement to the British People’s Party. A former member of Combat 18 and cocaine dealer, he now spends his time wandering around far-right demonstrations selling people Nazi memorabilia, which he also shifts off of his online shop.

Jason Lock

Paul’s also mates with one of the leaders of the EVF, Jason Lock aka Will Anderson.


EVF’s Jason Lock at a demonstration organised by Eddie Stamton in support of the Greek Nazi group Golden Dawn

Jason is a dangerous Nazi fantasist. When he’s not posing online with a white sock pulled over his head, he likes to hang about with fascists like Eddie Stamton, or John “Snowy” Shaw, the loon who heads up the Infidels group, and was last year found guilt of buying five llama, then starving them to death.

Jason and his racist EVF mates discuss attacking "the brown"

Jason and his racist EVF mates discuss “smashing the browns”

Jason claims that the EVF has a membership of about 100. The real number is probably smaller, but this is a small group of Nazis who have the potential to attack Muslims, migrants, antifascists and trade unionists. If they are allowed to demonstrate unopposed in South London, they will see it as a green light to go on the attack against local left-wing, Muslim and religious organisations. We all have to stand together in Croydon on 27th July and say “don’t let the racists divide us – stop the fascist EVF”.


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