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Local antifascists respond to BNP candidate

Kingston Unite Against Fascism statement

We are saddened and horrified that the BNP intends to stand David Child in the forthcoming Grove ward by-election on 5 July 2012.

We are appalled that such an organisation has reared its ugly head in Kingston.

Wherever the BNP stands candidates, they use elections as a platform to spread hatred. We believe that the BNP’s intention is to whip up racism, Islamophobia and division in Kingston.

As exposed in TV documentaries such as Panorama and Dispatches, the BNP is a fascist party, which calls for ‘an all-white Britain’. In addition, their leader Nick Griffin himself has a criminal conviction for denying the Holocaust.

We want to protect Kingston’s multiculturalism. Kingston is a place where everyone can live together in peace and harmony.

As organisations and individuals we pledge to work together to ensure that David Child and the BNP win the derisory number of votes that their poisonous message of hate and division deserves.

Kingston Unite Against Fascism will be campaigning against the BNP, and we encourage local people to get involved.

Ryan Bridgewater
Kingston Unite Against Fascism

Laurie South
Labour candidate, Grove ward by-election
Chair, Kingston and Surbiton Constituency Labour Party

Ryan Coley
Green Party candidate, Grove ward by-election

Chris Walker
Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, Kingston and Surbiton

Reverend Jonathon Wilkes
All Saints Church, Kingston

Rabbi Charley Baginsky
Kingston Liberal Synagogue

John Azah
Director, Kingston Race and Equalities Council (pc)

Richard Donnelly
Secretary, Kingston Trades Council (pc)

Matthew Smith
President, Kingston GMB K19 (pc)

Nadine Houghton
Organiser, GMB Southern Region

Francesca Manning
Secretary, Kingston Education Activist Network

Adam Lotun
Local disabled activist, Disabled People Against the Cuts

Nina Power
Philosopher, Roehampton University

Ibrahim Ali
President, Kingston University Islamic Society

Megan Denise Smith
Women’s Officer, Kingston University Student Union

Edward Hyatt
Postgraduate Officer, Kingston University Student Union

Lydia-May Townsend
Disabilities Officer, Roehampton Students Union

Ben Hassan
Campaigns Officer elect, Roehampton Student Union