EDL thug behind race hate page

Local racist Peter Lynch (right) with Fuhrer Tommy Robinson (left)

A local English Defence League thug is behind a facebook page that has been used as a platform for Islamophobic insults and threats of violence towards Muslims.

EDL racist Peter Lynch set up the page to oppose the opening of a community centre in Chessington for Ismaili Muslims.

There are about 600 Ismailis in Kingston.

Lynch was attempting to use local concerns about increases in traffic and lack of parking, in order to whip up hatred against Muslims – adding to the facebook group both local residents and members of the EDL from outside the borough. He posted links to the EDL website – trying to use the group as a recruiting ground.

Lynch also made empty promises that he would mobilise “100 – 300 people” for a demonstration if the plans went through, despite the fact that the last EDL mobilisation in Kingston only brought out 8 Nazis.

The lurid page contained horrific threats. Racist Jack Fahey posted, “petrol bombs at the ready”. James Roberts suggested placing “loads of pig heads within the grounds and on the fence”, and there was racism directed at “foreigners”.

Peter Lynch is a boneheaded idiot, but Nazi fantasists like him are dangerous. They try to whip up hate in peaceful communities – and intimidate groups through the threat of violent demonstrations, like the one in Dagenham he was present at last year, when three Asian men were seriously violently assualted by the racists. We need a united response against the EDL’s fascist thugs.


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